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 "Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. Having the opportunity to isolate structures for the upcoming physiology and pre-medical students has been life changing. It has also helped give me a new perspective on my life and physical presence. THANK YOU!"

- Rose

"Thank you for giving me the coolest, most insightful experience of my undergrad. I’ll never forget this experience!

- James

"Thank you for the opportunity to learn anatomy and the privilege to work and learn from you! What great admiration I have for people who donate for things like this. Thank you for teaching me."

- Norma

"Thank you! You have given me a really cool and unique opportunity to compare the biggest muscles to your small ones and see how different the human body can be!"

- Jackie

"Thank you for giving me and so many others such an incredible opportunity to learn. I never imagined this being a part of my undergrad and I surely will never forget it. You have given so much!"

- Paul

"Thank you so much for giving me endless knowledge, both as a student and a teaching member. I will always appreciate this opportunity."

- Susan

"Thank you for giving us an opportunity to learn more in depth about the human body. It was truly an amazing experience I’ll forever remember. We are so grateful!!"

- Sallie

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