What it means to donate through Educational Body Donation

By selecting Educational Body Donation, you are very specifically choosing to support the advancement of higher education in the Pacific Northwest. Our directive is simple and consistent – we only facilitate the centuries old academic need for the human body in a course of study. We work with many community colleges, universities and accredited medical training schools by fulfilling the needs of their curriculum. Once a donor has been accepted into our program, they are respectfully prepared and delivered to an educational institution. The donor resides at this institution until that course of study is complete. The donor’s entire remains are returned to us for cremation and then returned to their family, generally within 24 months.  It’s truly the generous gift of your donation that educates our next generation of healthcare professionals. On behalf of these institutions, their students, and Educational Body Donation, we thank you for considering this program.

​We are no longer accepting new client families.

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