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We are a privately owned whole-body donation program with a specific purpose of fulfilling a unique academic need in the Pacific Northwest.  This new program is engaged in the practice of preparing human remains for curriculum-based, cadaveric use in a classroom setting only.

What You May Expect

We are licensed by the Oregon Health Authority as a Non-transplant Anatomical Research Recovery Organization (NARRO).  This licensing and regulation is required by Oregon statute because we are not directly affiliated or operated by any one educational institution, but instead, serve many Northwest institutions in their needs for whole-body study as part of their curriculum.   We began operations in October 2019 and hope to be in a position to serve your needs by 2020.  The first few years may have a limited supply of donors as the program evolves.  We will work with each of you and attempt to accommodate your needs during this initial phase of the program.

Educational Body Donation will be handling all coordination and transportation directly with each institution.  As donors are received into our program, they will be prepared as needed and then respectfully held until they are transported to an institution.  Once their use in that institution is complete, we will bring them back into our care for cremation and return of cremated remains to their family. 

If you are a member of an Institution that is seeking whole-body donors for curricular needs, please contact our program director, or call us at 503-404-4114.  We look forward to building relationships with educators of the Northwest.  

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