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We are a privately owned whole-body donation program with a specific purpose of fulfilling a unique academic need in the Pacific Northwest. Our program is engaged in the practice of preparing human remains for curriculum-based, cadaveric use in a classroom setting only.

What You May Expect

Educational Body Donation works in support of Hospice & Medical Professionals in Portland and the outlying areas.  Should a potential donor be approved through our assessment at the time of death, we will transport them in to our care,  Once in our care, we will respectfully prepare and deliver to an educational institution. The donor resides at this institution until that course of study is complete. The donor's entire remains are returned to us for cremation and then returned to their family, generally within 24 months.

The donor or donor's representative may select a Funeral Service Establishment of their choice to carry out additional services, including filing a death certificate and celebration of life arrangements.  In the event a Funeral Service Establishment is not selected, Educational Body Donation will provide referrals that offer convenience to the family.  

If you are a member of a hospice or medical team and are interested in learning more about Educational Body Donation's whole-body, education-based donation program, we encourage you to contact us.  We look forward to facilitating the generous gift of whole-body donation, with your support

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